"Life is now good. The holistic approach that Emma Russell practices have been a lifesaver for me. The one thing I can guarantee is that, after treatment, all is balanced and I have a spring in my step. Wouldn't give up the treatment for the world!"


"After initially being sceptical about acupuncture, Emma has helped me with a range of issues from sleeplessness, travel sickness and improved my overall wellbeing. Emma is incredibly friendly and supportive, instantly putting you at ease and taking the time to truly listen. What’s more, she also explains the process and answers all of my questions about treatment. I can’t thank Emma enough for all her help!"

SB Warwick

"I had never experienced or even really believed in acupuncture but it is the most fantastic experience. Emma Russell is amazing, she is very gentle and explains everything to you. She makes you feel very comfortable and is the most wonderful listener.

Acupuncture with Emma leaves me with a very chilled out feeling and makes me want to keep coming back."

Tracey Harper-Holbrook

My GP once told me that acupuncture is merely therapeutic, not curative. I found that so annoying! Emma has managed, through treatment, to reduce my migraines, alleviate my S.A.D. symptoms in the winter, and generally create a more balanced, less manic person! I think of less of a 'pat on the head' and more of a 'Body and Mind MOT'!

BE Coventry